About the IBAWR


Who We Are

The IBAWR is the Waterloo Region affiliate of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) – a non-profit professional business association for independent insurance brokers representing the province of Ontario.


The IBAWR has been around for over 50 years and we are one of the largest and most active affiliates in Ontario.  In addition to our monthly member meetings, we support our community through a number of initiatives. Our charitable contributions include: funding 2 sponsorships every year for students in various insurance programs, food drive and hat/glove donations to local charities, an annual golf tournament and community awareness events. 


We are fortunate to live in a great community.  The IBAWR is run by a board of directors, who volunteer their time to promote the insurance broker channel.  Also, we would not be able to run without support from our insurance company sponsors, restoration contractors, autobody shops and car rental companies.


IBAO Mission Statement

To be the advocate for the independent Insurance Broker driving collaboration between members, consumers and other stakeholders resulting in innovative solutions for the betterment of the industry.





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Board of Directors


Joseph Dalton

Joseph Dalton


Encore Insurance Services Inc.


+1(519) 579-9478


Shara Bierman

Shara Bierman

Vice President/House & Programs

Mumby Insurance Brokers Inc.


+1(519) 885-5956


Scott Heaman

Scott Heaman

Past President

Advocate Insurance Group


+1(519) 650-5565



Pat Pearl

Pat Pearl


Cowan Insurance Group


+1(519) 578-6030


Jason Lawson

Jason Lawson

Sergeant at Arms/Social Media

Cambridge Insurance Brokers Ltd.


+1(519) 642-6072


Danny Marceau

Danny Marceau

House & Program

OTIP/RAEO Insurance Brokers Inc.


+1(519) 888-9683


Sydni Felice

Social Media

Cowan Insurance Group


+1(519) 650-6360


Jessica Bevenborn

Jessica Bevenborn

Membership & Membership


KW Insurance Brokers


+1(519) 744-4190


Richard Zehr


Zehr Insurance Brokers Ltd.


+1(519) 746-5900



Joanna Mendonca

Joanna Mendonca

Young Brokers Council

Staebler Insurance


+1(519) 743-5228


Dianne Andernacht

Dianne Andernacht

Executive Secretary

Donovan Insurance Brokers Inc.


+1(519) 866-3150